fugitive recovery agent Being accused of a crime is an intimidating and harrowing experience. Fortunately, by granting bail, the courts give many people the opportunity to return to normal life with family and friends while awaiting trial. Bail is used as a guarantee that a defendant will keep their word and show up to all future court dates. However, when people become scared or distrustful of the justice system, they may be tempted to take their fate into their own hands and skip bail. If bail was posted through a bondsman, it’s likely the defendant will have a fugitive recovery agent looking for them, as well as the police.

Role of a Fugitive Recovery Agent

A fugitive recovery agent becomes involved in cases when a defendant chooses not to make their court appearance. They are hired by bail bondsmen to find and bring the defendant back, subsequently handing them over to law enforcement. If a defendant fails to go to court as scheduled, the bondsman who agreed to post bail will be responsible for paying the court the entire bail amount that was set by the judge. This means there is a big financial incentive to make sure the defendant is returned to custody. Skipping bail is a direct violation of the contract signed between the bail bonds company and the defendant or their co-signer.

When the services of a fugitive recovery agent are enlisted, the chances of a defendant getting caught are very high. They are trained professionals who have the resources and skills to track down offenders and bring them back to face the justice system.

Consequences of Skipping Bail

Choosing to skip bail comes with undesirable consequences. A warrant will be put out for the defendant’s arrest, turning them from an accused person to a fugitive. This will make the chances of being able to get bail in the future very slim. In addition, if the services of a bondsman were used to post bail, the company has a right to secure the rest of the bail amount owed by going after money and assets belonging to the defendant or their loved one who acted as a co-signer on the contract. Failing to appear in court can also result in additional time served.

Around the Clock Bail Bonds is Committed to Helping Those in a Difficult Situation

Around the Clock Bail Bonds is dedicated to helping defendants and their loved ones find a way out of a tough situation. Their bail bondsmen know the process and understand what steps to take to get people out of jail quickly. They work diligently to give their clients the full discretion and respect they deserve. In turn, the company hopes to never have to use a fugitive recovery agent to locate the whereabouts of a defendant who has skipped bail. They understand that the stress of being faced with possible jail time can take its toll and become overwhelming, but urge defendants to uphold their bail bonds contract and show up to court when they’re supposed to. Not appearing in court when scheduled always makes the situation worse and is never a solution that should be considered.