fugitive recoveryFacing jail time is worrisome for anybody. This is why some people attempt to run. However, this causes problems not only for them, but for the bond agency. The agency’s bail agreement included becoming responsible for the individual appearing in court on the proper date. When someone misses their court date, thereby becoming a fugitive, the bond agency becomes responsible for paying back the full amount of bail. This is a serious matter for the agency, and they will absolutely pursue the individual attempting to run. This is where a fugitive recovery agent comes in. Fugitive recovery agents work to return the accused to the place of their trial. An extreme amount of care goes into this process, and it is never recommended to attempt to outrun a recovery agent.

Running from the law is never the answer

Although facing a return to jail is an awful thought, running will only make things worse for the person and the agency. Fugitive recovery agents are extremely skilled at finding and recovering a person who has fled. In order to become a fugitive recovery agent, a person must undergo training and be licensed by the state. Each recovery agent works personally for one bail bondsman, and it is their responsibility to locate and recover any person on the run from the law, for whom their employer is responsible.

A fugitive recovery agent can use several means to locate a person on the run

It should be noted that recovery agents rarely resort to physical force when recovering a fugitive. More civil means, such as persuasion and tracking, are used to safely return an individual to their rightful city. In many cases, a recovery agent will talk to friends and family to attempt to uncover the location of the fugitive. Other methods include checking surveillance or attempting to contact the accused directly to persuade them to return. Many of these agents have backgrounds in law enforcement, making them excellent trackers.

The best thing to do is comply

Running from the law causes absolutely nothing but trouble for all involved. The bail agency does not want to have to resort to hiring a recovery agent. A failure to appear in court will be taken very seriously, and an outstanding warrant for failure to appear can have severe repercussions for the present and the future. Even if the fugitive succeeds in eluding the law now, it is possible that the outstanding warrant will be noticed and action taken if they are apprehended in the future. Other things resulting in pursuit by an agent include leaving the state or changing address without notifying the bondsman. The best thing for everyone is for a defendant to stay put and stay out of trouble.

Know who you’re dealing with

The state of North Carolina is very picky about who can become a fugitive recovery agent. This is a good thing for everyone involved. These agents are highly skilled, trained professionals who work to enforce the law. As each agent is hired by a bail bondsman, this means the bondsman puts their name on the line for the agent. Hiring only the most trustworthy, credible agents is beneficial to everyone. If someone is on the run from the law, you can rest assured they won’t get far with a fugitive recovery agent on their trail.