Trustworthy, Reliable Bail Bondsman Around the Clock

by John Van Schaik

Trustworthy, Reliable Bail Bondsman Around the Clock

by John Van Schaik

by John Van Schaik

bail bondsmanAre you searching for a reliable bail bondsman?

Looking for the right bail bondsman?  We understand that times are stressful when a loved one is in jail. That’s why Around the Clock Bail Bonds works 24/7 to make the bail process as quick and painless as possible. With over 15 years of collective experience, our team of professional bondsmen will work diligently to get your loved one out of jail for the duration of time before their trial. Being arrested is hard enough. Don’t let your loved one spend a second too long behind bars. With Around the Clock Bail Bonds, our mission is to post bail quickly and efficiently to make this process as easy as possible.

What is bail?

When a person stands accused of a crime, they will be arrested and put in jail. After they are processed, they will have a bail amount set for them. This bail is the amount of money it will take to get them out of jail for the time leading up to their court date. Sometimes, bail is set low enough that a trusted friend or family member can simply post it themselves. However, sometimes the bail amount can be awfully high. This is where you would need to contact Around the Clock Bail Bonds.

What does the bail bondsman do?

The bail bondsman is the person who represents the bonding agency. The bondsman will agree to post the bail under certain conditions that will be agreed to by both parties. In some cases, your bondsman may require collateral from you in order to post the bail. Collateral can come in a variety of forms. It simply needs to be something of relatively significant monetary value. Things such as real estate properties, vehicles, and sometimes even appraised jewelry can be accepted. This may sound scary, but there is no need to fear! Once your collateral has been staked and the bail has been posted, there’s only one more step. Since the agreement on the part of the bonding agency was to take responsibility for the accused until their court date, the accused must appear in court to fulfill the bond. However, be warned—failure to appear in court is very serious, and can carry weighty legal repercussions. Just make sure that the defendant is in court on their appointed court date, and everything will be fine and the collateral will be returned!

What does the bondsman need from me?

Besides possibly needing collateral, there are a few more pieces of information the bondsman needs from you. The location, name, booking number and bail amount for the accused are necessary to post bail quickly. Once you have secured this information, call Around the Clock Bail Bonds!

Around the Clock Bail Bonds is always ready to help

As we said, Around the Clock Bail Bonds is open 24 hours, every day, to help those in need. We know that this is a very trying time, and it is our mission to make the process as easy as we possibly can. Our team of professionals is experienced and reliable. If you are in need of a trustworthy bail bondsman, think Around the Clock Bail Bonds.

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